Month: June 2022

Finding a Reliable Refrigeration Specialist in our Parish!!

Due to the Corona Virus, unfortunately, deaths have been at an all-time high throughout the United States.
We have had more than we’d like to handle through our Mortuary Service, FBC Memorial.
As the need for more funeral’s grew, so did our Dead Body Storage facility grew! :(
Fortunately, we met with a Nationwide Commercial Refrigeration contractor from church!
He donated a larger cooler to our basement facility recently and we wanted to tell you why we chose this Morgue Cooler Specialist.

With a customized refrigeration unit, a business person is free to have the cooling system as they want it. Other than the freedom to get the specific product as preferred, the manufacturer gets the chance to deliver the product according to the request of the client. For that reason, it is beneficial for you to get a customized Morgue and Flower cooler unit to start your mortuary business. So what are the benefits of having a custom cooler unit for your floral shop?


  1. It works according to your needs

Usually, refrigeration systems are made with different working systems. In this case, you may purchase a unit that doesn’t work according to your business needs. However, when you have a customized floral cooler unit, it will come with a below-standard cooling system and is big enough to accommodate enough flowers. With such a unit, you will maximize the space availability while cutting down on the power consumption.


  1. It offers the needs space

As mentioned, a customized floral cooler unit is made to offer more space while minimizing power usage. So the cooler unit will offer enough space for your business. The design will also be designed according to the available space in your business.

  1. You can upgrade it when you need to

A custom floral cooler unit is designed with a room for improvement or upgrade. There is always space to add something or adjust any other feature when you need to. In that case, if you want to upgrade any of the functionality or size, you can easily request the manufacturer, and they will do it for you. Above all, you can request other security features in the cooler unit. For instance, you can request to have cameras in the cooler unit to keep everything safe in the business.


  1. You pay what you have

Another benefit of having a customized floral cooler unit is that you get to pay what you can afford. Top manufacturers will customize the cooler unit according to the size and system requirements. Above all, they can customize the cooler unit for you with regard to your budget range. Since every feature can be customized, it becomes cheaper for the business person.


So if you want a custom floral cooler for your flower business, or you need a Morgue Cooler for your Mortuary Service, consider contacting American Walk-In Coolers. Americanwalkincoolers offers Floral Arrangement Coolers that come at different prices, and you can get what you want according to your business preferences. They are also available whenever you need their services 24-7. American Walk-In Coolers also offer financing options for all their refrigeration units which we were so grateful to take advantage of. Thank you AWIC you are truly a blessed company!